About Jeff Phenix Yoga Teacher

Being a keen sportsman growing up, I always enjoyed that sense of ‘getting in the zone’. So it was a profound experience when I discovered yoga and meditation in India in the mid 90’s. I loved how it made me feel and how I experienced the world and myself in a different way.
I have been teaching since 2002.  My unique teaching style is a woven tapestry inspired by my personal experience and studies with many amazing yoga teachers from a wide range of yoga schools but mainly vinyasa flow, Iyengar, Anusara, Viniyoga, Jivamukti and Satyananda yoga.
I enjoy being creative with my sequencing and postures, and love incorporating meditation and the traditional spirituality and philosophy of yoga into my teaching.
As a yoga teacher, I want to awaken my students' sense of bliss and wonder and help them become more at peace and ease with themselves and the world.
I have trained students on teacher training courses for over 10 years, initially with triyoga and currently Yoga West. I am a director of Phenix Yoga Ltd, through which I offer my yoga classes in London & South Bucks and Berks and workshops and retreats in the UK and around the world.




My Approach      

  • Flowing but not moving too quickly.  
  • Safe and skilful alignment, without being dry and static.  
  • Working dynamically yet mindfully and incorporating yoga philosophy and spirituality. 
  • A seriously playful balance and blend of doing and not doing; effort and relaxation; strength and softness.

My wife Jennie and I are directors of Phenix Retreats Ltd, offering a range of yoga weekends in the UK and world wide yoga retreats in places like Spain,Turkey, Greece & Italy. We play to our strengths so I do the teaching and she does the organising! 

Like my open level classes, my yoga retreats cater for a wide range of abilities from the more novice to those more experienced and yoga teachers.

If you are looking for specialist pregnancy or postnatal yoga, with an experienced yoga teacher, who has been helping thousands of women through this important time for many years, then check out Jennie’s website below...


Pregnancy Yoga, Birth Preparation and Mummy & Baby Yoga in South Bucks


With thanks

There are too many influences to mention but special thanks to Nirlipta Tuli my first regular yoga teacher who showed me  first and foremost that yoga is a spiritual practice, as well as Rod Stryker, Tias Little, Alaric Newcombe and Simon Low who mentored me for many years.




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What my students say 

“As a teacher myself I’m proud to call Jeff one of my yoga teachers. He is so skilled and embodied in offering a complete and expansive practice, whatever your level. Whether it’s his wonderful weekly yoga classes at triyoga or his immersive and blissful yoga retreats you are guaranteed a thorough and uplifting yoga experience"


“Jeff’s weekend yoga retreat was once again authentic, well-paced (for everyone) and expertly delivered. You bring a huge depth of yoga experience to your teaching and offer it up with humour and heart. I have found my still, peaceful, inner space again. Thank you!”


“Jeff's teaching has not only transformed my yoga practice but also given me the confidence to pursue my own teaching training. Going on his yoga retreat was one of the best decisions I could of made - the people, the food and Jeff's stunning approach to yoga. A very rewarding experience!”