“Jeff’s yoga retreat at St Katharine's was once again authentic, well-paced (for everyone) and expertly delivered. You bring a huge depth of yoga experience to your teaching and offer it up with humour and heart. I have found my still, peaceful, inner space again. Thank you!” 
“As a yoga teacher myself I’m proud to call Jeff one of my teachers. He is so skilled and embodied in offering a complete and expansive practice, whatever your level. Whether it’s his wonderful weekly yoga classes or his immersive and blissful yoga retreats you are guaranteed a thorough and uplifting Yoga experience"
“Jeff's teaching has not only transformed my yoga practice but also given me the confidence to pursue my own teaching training. Going on his yoga weekend was one of the best decisions I could of made - the people, the food and Jeff's stunning approach to yoga. A very rewarding experience!” 
"I have been taught by Jeff regularly for some time now and having experienced many different yoga teachers and styles I can honestly say that he is one of the best that I have come across in nearly 20 years of yoga practice. Every yoga class is different and yet they each seem to tap into exactly how I am feeling and provide me with what I am needing from my practice on any given day. Jeff''s teaching is intuitive, warm, friendly, supportive and most of all inspiring". 
“Thank you so much for all your guidance and for sharing with us so much of your energy and knowledge. You truly inspire me as a student, yoga teacher and human being!!! Feeling so blessed for being able to practice with you”. 

“Jeff, thank you so much for your brilliant yoga classes; the perfect balance of challenging and fun. The benefit far out reaches the physical and I feel ready to say yes to just about anything!” 
“Attending your retreat Jeff was one of these life’s great “Aha moments!  ” – I came in with no expectations but some great personal objectives…And all it took was less than a week for effects beyond expectations, topped with a renewed, serene and confident outlook. Thanks to your cheeky combination of fun, creativity, professionalism, and “edge exploration”, you sublty lead us to outdo ourselves. Jeff, thank you again for the amazing energy and passion you put into your teaching. It surely was worth every minute. Lucky Triyoga students! So looking forward to your next retreat! ”
"I always walk away from your yoga classes feeling that this is what yoga is all about - I feel the stresses of the work week & worries, float away, my body & mind feeling calm & I feel like I've had a great work out of my body & mind".

"I've tried many yoga teachers over the years and Jeff is undoubtedly one of my absolute favourites. He has an acute attention to detail when it comes to the postures and he is great at educating the class on the philosophy behind yoga. He is able to create a great atmosphere on his yoga retreats, as he encourages and challenges people at the right pace, whilst keeping it light-hearted and focused''. 

"Thanks for the amazing yoga class yesterday Jeff, you are such an inspiration & I feel so blessed to have you as a teacher. Thankyou for enlightening my practice and helping me to stay connected to that place within my heart " 

"Despite taking up yoga as a way of improving flexibility what I have gained from it is so much more. Your yoga classes always brought a sense of balance to an otherwise hectic life and the reason I kept coming back was that I always felt a sense of clam and peace after each class. Every yoga class had a great mixture of physical and mental challenge and a sense of play and fun which I really appreciated".
''I always come into class like a whirlwind and then leave feeling like i'm on a cloud - amazing!'

"Your yoga classes really do save my bacon (think that's the right saying!?) both on the energetic and emotional levels every time i make it to class. I really love your class, it is really valuable to me.and have been meaning to say thank you for your compassionate classes for ages''
"Woo! What a super fun class! Thoroughly enjoyed myself. I love the element of fun and play you bring to your yoga classes; it makes the more challenging poses approachable and makes staying in the moment easy!"

"Your yoga workshop completely re-energised me and elevated my sence of awareness to one that i hadn't experienced before.  I left feeling on top of the world, ready to face anything and believing all is possible!" 


"Deciding to go to India for the first time, on my own to a yoga retreat where I didn't know anyone else turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made! My week on a yoga retreat iwith you really was one of the best experiences of my life. I escaped my routine, met and talked to like-minded yogis who were all so welcoming and open and really went deep into my own practice. Not only did it reaffirm my love for yoga but reminded me how important it is to take time out for myself. "

"Jeff I didn't make it to your yoga workshop today, but I have just practised to this in my living room and I just wanted to say how grateful I am to be able to be your pupil both physically and virtually".

"Great yoga class, your teaching is so precise, and easy to follow, and has left me feeling alive, and so relaxed at the same time"

"Thank you for such an incredible yoga retreat. It surpassed any expectations I had and I can’t wait to book up for next year. All my various injuries disappeared through the week and i honestly felt a bit high by thurs at how perfect the week had been!!"
"Jeff's yoga retreat in Italy exceeded all my expectations!  Fantastic yoga teacher, beautiful surroundings, great company, and delicious food. Jeff guided everyone to work to their own limits with complete ease, taking us on on our own personal journey. The daily meditation and yoga classes felt so nourishing for the soul, and allowed time for self care and inner peace. Jeff’s knowledge and warm energy is inspiring and humbling -  I learnt so much within the week and left feeling completely restored and energised! If you need a break from you life routine and want to explore your yoga practice I couldn’t recommend Jeff’s yoga retreats more!"
"I have done many yoga retreats over the years but yours has definitley  been one of the best.  The setting was stunning, the accommodation showed attention to detail, the food was mouth-wateringly delicious, the company was interesting and fun. As for the yoga, it was outstanding because it was challenging yet encouraging and altogether insightful. I look forward to joining you for more yoga adventures...soon!"
"I would love to come again next year, this was the best holiday of my life!"

 "Your yoga workshop gave me a total awakening of my body, my mind and my spirit. The asana practice, which included a deep flowing vinyasa, was beautifully arranged and paced such that you were able to fully immerse yourself in the practice,which in turn completely re-energised my entire being and elevated my sense of awareness to one which I had never experienced before. The restorative section provided me with a whole new set of experiences in much loved and familiar asanas and the deep meditation left me feeling on top of the world, ready to face anything and believing that all was possible. Everyday should be spent feeling how your workshop left me feeling"!

"As one of the world’s worst meditators I can honestly say that I have got closer to that point of profound silence in Jeff’s workshop than I have with the many yoga teachers of India with whom I have studied. He is the genuine article – a gifted teacher deeply committed to the ancient yoga teachings. He wants to infect everyone with his enthusiasm, but he is very cool and never stuffs it down your throat". 

"I just attended your yoga workshop at Indaba. It was amazing  I truly loved every second of the 3 hours, it went so fast. Your voice was mesmerising and I loved the way you made us explore and play in the poses."

Come and practice yoga with me


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Yoga Weekend at St Katherine's House. It is a beautiful venue, perfect for  a Yoga weekend. Jeff is so enthusiastic and encouraging, I am a complete beginner and have gained a great deal from the weekend, I am now inspired to find a local class as I can see how beneficial yoga is to body and mind. I loved Jeff's relaxation and meditation sessions."
“This was my first yoga retreat and I have a feeling it set the bar high! The venue was a charming Victorian mansion in the middle of lovely English countryside. Jeff is an excellent, charismatic yoga teacher with a humorous yet very professional approach. We practiced yoga in a spacious, bright former chapel, it was a fun mixed group  and completed last but not least by very delicious homemade vegetarian food and superb organisation!"
"Thanks so much for such a great yoga retreat in Italy, it was just what I needed. I have felt very clear headed and a lot calmer since. I loved all the meditation and the asana practice too. I feel so much better physically and mentally from the weekend’s practices. Plus amazing food and group of people. I loved it". 
“Thank you Jeff for a wonderful yoga weekend. Your fresh and innovative approach to each class is always fun and inspiring. With such a mixed group of ages and stages it was great how there was something for everyone. I just want to go back and do it all again...!”
"Just wanted to say a huuuuuge thank you for an amazing yoga weekend, it was really fantastic in every aspect. I absolutely loved the yoga of course, and well done for meeting everyone's needs as there was a mixture of levels. I loved that there was so much meditation and pranayama, and feel inspired to keep some of that up.  Awesome venue, delicious and plentiful food, I really enjoyed it"!
"The Bamboo Yoga Retreat in Goa is really wonderful. It's very simple and comfortable.  I've been to India many times and this place is really the best beach experience. The staff keep everything meticulously clean and are so friendly - such a relaxed atmosphere. And last but not by any means least the food is exceptional".  
"Thank you for a wonderful week at Bamboo Yoga Retreat in Goa. I  thought i might not be able to keep up, of course at times I didn’t, but you make it so acceptable to take the easier options, that it gave me an opportunity to really listen to my body and not feel I had to push it.  Apart from being a lovely person you are a gifted teacher and i am in awe!"
 “This was the best yoga holiday I have ever been on.  Everything about the yoga holiday was perfect, just stunning… the venue (Ashiyana), the teaching, people and food  -  an excellent and amazing experience with a warm and generous teacher.  It couldn’t have been better!”

"Jeff's yoga retreats are spectacularly good! Such amazing value for the very best yoga, venues, food and people. We just got back from Jeff's retreat and have had the most restorative and fun time. Jeff is a superb teacher, for all levels. He makes everyone feel comfortable and confident to be themselves, to try, to explore and to ultimately find some peace and clarity. If you can, do go! You'll be amazed at how good you feel for it."

"Thank you for an amazing yoga retreat.  I came here a bit of a wreak but now am leaving brimming with energy and ready to take on the world!"
"Thanks for a wonderful yoga retreat.  Jeff, as ever you always lead a fabulous practice providing inspiring sequences with your usual playful approach".
"You are an amazing yoga teacher Jeff. I just experienced the most inspirational, creative, vibrant and deeply transformational yoga retreat with you. I feel wonderful, energised and inspired on my yoga journey; to go more deeply into my own practice and experiment with my teaching with renewed confidence"
"Thank you so much for an authentic, well paced (for everyone) and expertly delivered yoga retreat. You bring a huge depth of yoga experience to your teaching and offer it up with humour and heart. I have found my still, peaceful, inner space again. Thank you!"
"I'm so glad I came. You dealt so beautifully and easily with all our different abilities - really gentle, accepting, just enough challenge and encouragement, spirituality and depth, humour and lightness - and some brilliant tips too that I've never heard before, real "lightbulb moment" stuff!!"

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